Wentworth Woodhouse Preservation Trust Ticket Portal

FAQs / Help

How do I get in touch if I have an urgent query?

We're working hard to keep our website up to date so please do use it to keep informed. If your query can't wait, please call us on 01226 351161 or email info@wentworthwoodhouse.org.uk and we'll do our very best to help you.

What's open?

Our gardens will be opening to the public for the first time on 4th July. Visitors are free to explore the magnificent gardens, embrace the fascinating history of the site and picnic on the West Front Lawn, come rain or shine.

Are people allowed to bring picnics?

Yes, we encourage you to bring along a picnic & blanket but please follow government guidelines on physical distancing, there’s plenty of space on site, so please feel free to find your ideal picnic spot. Stay apart, stay safe.  

Barbecues are a fire risk and aren't permitted

Will you have seating & tables?

Some seating & tables are available and are dispersed to allow for physical distancing.  Please feel free to bring your own picnic, blanket and chairs on your visit. 

Will the Mansion be open?

No, only our open spaces that allow us to maintain public safety will be opened for now. Our gardens will only be available to those who book tickets in advance. 

When will the Mansion open?

Timescales for opening the house will depend on government advice and on how well visitors are maintaining physical distancing.  

Will there be hand sanitiser on site?

We will have hand sanitiser available but you are strongly advised to bring your own. 

Is car parking included in my booked ticket price?

Yes, car parking is included in the entry price.  

How can I book a visit?

By visiting wentworthwoodhouse.org.uk/book 

What if I don't have access to the internet?

Online bookings are our preferred means of securing tickets, however for those who are unable to book online you can call our booking team on 01226 351161.

Will I have to print out my tickets or can I show them on my phone?

Visitors should show their tickets on arrival and this will be checked again upon entry to the gardens. To maintain physical distancing, we’re asking visitors not to pass anything to our staff.   

Your booking confirmation will be accompanied by a site map which you can print at home, please be aware that we WILL NOT be offering hardcopy site maps on site.

Do I need to book if I’m arriving on foot or by bicycle?

Yes, you will still need to book one ticket per person. Tickets are booked in advance using the main online booking system via the Wentworth Woodhouse web page. You will need to show your ticket confirmation when you arrive for your visit.

How will your booking system work?

30-minute arrival time slots will be available. The last slot will be one hour before usual closing.  

Bookings for the fortnight ahead will be available via our website.   

How will people have to show their booking?

Visitors arriving by car will be asked to show booking confirmation on arrival, park and then queue to redeem booked tickets. Those arriving on foot will be checked in the same way by showing their pre-booked ticket to our front of house team l team who will adhere to physical distancing. 

Any visitor arriving without a pre-booked ticket will be politely turned away and advised how to book a ticket. 

How long can I stay?

You must arrive within your allocated 30-minute time slot; however, we will not be implementing a maximum stay limit. You are welcome to explore the gardens until they close, which is 6pm daily. 

Can I sell on my ticket?

Tickets are for your use only and are non-transferrable and non-refundable. We will cancel tickets which we believe have been resold.

What can I expect from my visit?

You can download and print a site map from wentworthwoodhouse.org.uk – this will help you navigate the gardens and facilities but will also inform you of any areas that may pose a hazard. 

We are urging everyone to continue to follow government advice on physical distancing. For this reason, not all parts of the property will be open.

Site signage will offer suggested routes, allow you to gain perspective of where you are on-site and highlight hazards and accessible routes –It’s vital that you follow these instructions – they’re for everyone’s safety.  


We have toilets/accessible toilets & baby changing facilities available on site. These are cleaned regularly and deep cleaned daily. 

Will you be asking visitors to wear facemasks or other PPE?

Visitors may wear face masks should they wish in line with government guidance.

Physical accessibility

The garden is accessible to visitors who use manual wheelchairs and electric scooters, however, please take extra care on steeper slopes. Our staff & volunteers are on hand to advise of the best route.


Please come prepared! We recommend that you bring weather appropriate clothing and footwear for the outdoors. Unless the weather presents a safety issue, the gardens will be open as normal. Please be aware paths are uneven in places and may be slippery underfoot in poor weather, so please wear suitable footwear.

If extreme weather conditions present a safety issue, notification of cancellation will be made on the Wentworth Woodhouse website and social media platforms.

Are dogs welcome on site?

Yes, well behaved dogs are welcome on site. Please ensure they remain on a lead at all times and that you clean up after your pet using the dig waste bins provided. 

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Yes, visitors may bring their own food provided that physical distancing guidance is followed if sitting down to eat.  Please use the bins provided and don’t leave any litter behind.

How is my safety and that of the staff being managed in the refreshment areas?

The safety of our staff, volunteers and visitors is our priority. To ensure that physical distance is maintained we will be implementing the following:

• Limited takeaway offer, initially focusing on hot and cold drinks and some packaged snacks.

• One-way queueing system in place. 

• Food and drinks will be served via collection points; self-service will be suspended to minimise touchpoints and cross-contamination.

• Payment by card payment only and contactless payment where possible to reduce physical contact.

• Staff will have had comprehensive training prior to opening to ensure they operate in the safest way possible.

•  Limited seating areas will be available and will be cleaned regularly and additional cleaning equipment is available for you to use. 

• Till and collection points will be screened.

• Hand sanitiser will be available and visitors will be encouraged to use it.

What food/drink will be available to purchase?

Our initial offer will focus on takeaway food and drink. This will include hot and cold drinks and a limited range of pre-packaged snacks. 

This will ensure that we are still able to provide visitors with refreshments, but by keeping our full tea room offering (including seating) closed we can limit social interaction and keep everyone safe.

As our initial opening menus will be limited to takeaway snacks, we won’t be serving a specific menu for children. However, some of the drinks and snacks served will be suitable for children. Please be mindful of this when booking a visit and come prepared.

Will dietary needs to be catered for?

Our initial opening will focus on a small range of takeaway snacks; therefore our menu may not cater for different dietary needs as widely as it normally does.  If you have specific dietary requirements please speak to a team member, who will do their best to help. However, during the initial re-opening phase we encourage visitors with particular dietary requirements to bring snacks with them to avoid disappointment.

Will tap water be provided even if the tea room isn’t open?

We’re asking visitors to come prepared with the water they’ll need for their visit. Bottled water will be available from our refreshment kiosk.

Will there be facilities to warm milk for my baby?

Unfortunately, there will not be the facility to warm milk during his time.

Breastfeeding is welcome. 

Can I bring my re-usable cup?

We know our visitors are as passionate about the environment as we are and like to bring their own re-usable cups, but while we are in this unprecedented time we ask that they support our request not to bring re-usable containers, due to possible cross-contamination.  This is for the health and safety of everyone.

Our takeaway containers are made from plants and are recyclable and are the best option for everyone’s safety, at this current time.

To ensure everybody's enjoyment of the gardens, visitors are requested not to bring alcohol on to the site. Glass, knives and BBQ’s are also not permitted on site. Wentworth Woodhouse reserve the right to refuse admission or to eject a ticket holder for behaviour which The Management considers inappropriate or unacceptable.